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March 26, 2012

Gardening and such!

The garden is coming along nicely! I think it is the prettiest, best garden we have ever had at this point. Gradually all the grass pathways are being covered with cardboard and pine needles (or hay or leaves), depending on what we have to work with.
I am a bit disappointed with the seed company I chose this year, seeds were ordered in February and are still not shipped. The peas, squash, corn, and many others are due to go in the ground now! Grrr.

The cows are doing well. They stopped eating their hay a few weeks ago so we have stopped offering it--there is so much grass that they would rather have. Woohoo! Lots of rain so far this spring, we are all hoping it continues well into the summer. Lenny is 5 months old now, and quite the determined milk thief. Louise is no help either, she will stand at the fence line or gate and let him stick his head through to nurse. It takes creativity to keep them apart, and in the near future more fencing will be in place to ensure he has to wait.

The kids are great, Char spent Spring Break traveling with the Frisbee Team to VA, GA and DC for tournaments and R/R. Josh spent the first half of Spring Break in MA with Char, I think they had a blast! His senior pics are in, oh my goodness he is a grown young man!

The piglets leave this weekend, what a relief! They are so rowdy and snouty anytime we go into the pasture it is a battle to get back out with shoes and belongings intact! Spotty ended up losing all her piglets (rolled over on the last 2), but she should be re-bred and she gets another chance at mothering. The next litters are due sometime in July (an estimation).

More peepers arrive in May, this batch were selected for their ability to lay a longer time and egg color. Thanks to Kay who gifted us with 2 working brooder boxes!

Wishing you all a wonderful Spring!


  1. Man, I'm tired just reading about all the stuff you guys are doing. Great update!

  2. So glad the brooders work! Your uncle would be happy to know they are being used. Love your pictures and updates!

  3. Great to see an update and to hear that all is well!