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February 28, 2014

Spring is springing!

We have so many exciting things to share with you!!

First, I participated in a class or women farmers/ranchers in Texas offered by Holistic Management International which was phenomenal! What does this mean? It means that we have set a holistic farm goal, re-evaluated all farm enterprises, reviewed finances, time management, grazing plans, soil biology, marketing and much more to the end result of a clear path to real sustainability for the farm!
10 acres is not too little to accomplish our goals, in fact it is just perfect!

As a result, our offerings and endeavors have changed: 

*We will be offering a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) for farm produce this year! (email or contact for more info/contract) What is a CSA?

*Grass fed beef! We have purchased 2 young mini Hereford cross heifers for our breeding stock, with the intent to purchase 1-2 more. The goal is to be able to offer grass fed beef on the farm, by the cut in 2 years!


*Farm Shares: we currently have a waiting list for the farm share program; we will not grow it beyond what Butter can accommodate. We may retain Louise, if we get a multitude on the waiting list (and if she breeds back this spring). We have purchased a mini Jersey bull "Mr. Nikola" to get the job done! He will also be covering the beef girls when the time comes.


Mr. Nik

*Eggs!! We currently have 21 laying hens (no more ducks), and have 30 Buff Orpington chicks in the brooder--they should be laying in 6 months! All hens will be on pasture all year! We finally have a viable solution to predator control, pasture access and ease of maneuverability! Eggs will be available at the farm.

*Egg handling: we will no longer be washing eggs in water, nor will they be stored at standard refrigerator temperatures. See the article here: Traditional Egg Handling

*Sustainable pasture rotation: all cattle will eventually be on a rotational grazing plan, the provides the ground with intentional hoof weight, fertilizer, builds soil diversity, provides for drought protection and allows for rest periods for each area to recover. The long term goal is to get off hay completely, with the only input being minerals and ocassional alfalfa. Thankfully we live in a part of the country where this is possible!

*Farm Tours and Labyrinth: Always available by appointment! We installed a labyrinth just east of the garden. What is a labyrinth? I can't explain why I was driven to build a labyrinth, but I was and it is at the least a symbol of personal growth and centering. I am eternally grateful to Dave for his understanding and assistance! Later in the spring/summer the areas between the path should be blooming with bulbs and wildflowers!

Ready for spring pictures? ;-)
chicks in brooder!

peas emerging!

Repurposed hen pen (900 sq ft!), now planted with 250 potato starts.

We hope to see you at the farm in 2014, and we hope that we can meet your needs for healthy real food!
Be Blessed Friends!

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