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September 19, 2009

quiet saturday

Max and spider lilies.
ROTC dress uniforms.

Enormous moth on the front door this morning!

Nice quiet day today. I started dusting off the microwave in the kitchen and before I knew it I was doing a major cleaning project. The kitchen has a new tidy look! Besides cleaning and doing chores the day was quiet with the kids gone to a football game and Dave at work. Max and I fed the cows a watermelon and some soft bananas. We then did a little bit of weed pulling in the back yard and gave the sheep new bedding. All is well. No sign of the coyote, although something (snake) is stealing eggs. I picked up all the duck eggs so he won't be tempted to stop by. Well, my real plan is that he should not stop by until Dave is off work and can dispatch the snake to its final resting place.

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  1. Good job cleaning, I get moments of inspiration, admittedly they are few and far between! I'd rather vacuum the milk parlor. That moth,YUCK!