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December 5, 2010

Gone Fishing!

Dave and I took off for a couple of days fishing at Steph's family camp in the Atachafalaya River Basin this week. It was great fun and very remote, no cell signal means a real vacation for me. We fished and played cards, and fished some more.
The day goes like this: wake up and check the shrimp traps, collect shrimp, drink lots of coffee (made on a gas stove with a percolator pot), harvest grapefruit from the tree Steph planted many years ago (which is quite fruitful!), go fish with live shrimp for bait, (tide outgoing means catfish, tide incoming means salt water fish), cast, catch and clean fish, eat dinner and play cards until the late great hour of 8 pm or so then the generator gets turned off and sleep the sleep of the dead in total absolute silence. We didn't see any gator (too cold), or any sharks. Steph told a great (fishing) story about casting out and catching a seagull, when the bait hit the water she caught a stingray--talk about a 2 for1! The camp is on an island about 6 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, it is in an area thick with wild hog, deer, ducks, nutria, snakes, frogs, and almost every other imaginable species. Wild and beautiful.
The only downside is that it is so far away. I hope we can return soon, in the meantime we will have to find a local fishing hole we can spend some time casting in!

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