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December 5, 2010

Sunrises & Sunsets December 2010

For some reason I feel compelled to keep a photo journal of sunsets, I guess because I love them so much, and in my heart I feel like we should contemplate the day we were given and plan for the next. It may work out to be a year long project if I can keep up with it! I hope your day was everything you thought it could be. If not, there is indeed tomorrow.

Sunset 12/1, at the river

Sunset 12/2, at the river

Sunset 12/3 TX, driving home

Sunset 12/4, home

Sunset 12/5, home

Sunrise 12/2, at the river

Sunrise 12/3, at the river

Sunrise 12/7 (missed sunset 12/6)

Sunrise 12/10

Sunset 12/10

Sunset 12/12

Sunset 12/12 (a little earlier than above)

sunset 12/15

sunset 12/18

sunrise 12/21

sunset 12/21

sunset 12/22


  1. A worthy project!

    The sunsets are gorgeous.

    I also love those two Jerseys. I have Jersey envy.