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October 17, 2010

Anyone know a good rain dance?

No rain this week, or for several weeks. The pastures are very dry and crunchy. This is the time of year to sow rye or winter wheat or clover, but without any rain in the forecast I don't dare throw seed out.
Despite the dryness, we have had a pleasantly mild fall with crisp air (40's) in the morning. So nice!

I survived the learning curve with the live trap, after having the bait stolen for several nights. After I changed how I was setting it up (bottom was resting on the ground) and oiled all the moving parts I trapped a feral cat. Then a couple of nights I was gone and on Saturday morning there was a growling opossum in the trap! Not a nice fella. The next night the feral cat returned (I let it loose the first time). Both have been relocated and now I hope to capture the raccoon that left its paw prints on the hen house door.

I need to call the guy we bought the hens from and see if he has any more.
Ginger and her pasture mate Black Beauty (Black Dexter cow) are getting more friendly by the day and have begun hanging out in the pasture adjacent to the garden when I am out there working. Their efforts are rewarded with comfrey or whatever weeds I have pulled.
I have tried giving them pumpkin and cantaloupe, they don't care for either but they do like bananas and apples. ;-)

I found a huge Wolf spider in the tomato bed this morning. (pic attached) She is absolutely stunning!

The majority of the basil leaves have been harvested and frozen, made into pesto, or dried. The house smells lovely. Kind of like our favorite Italian restaurant!

I have not been overly domestic this weekend since I had a major project due for school (celebrating tonight when Dave gets home from work!). This semester ends Friday and the next starts Monday. The 8-week semesters march right along. I have 4 more semesters to go, and then I will have a BSN. Not sure what I want to do when I finish this 20+ year college plan. Something besides "official" school. I don't think I will have any problem devoting my time to family, farm, cows, garden and maybe some sculpture or pottery.

Have a great week friends and family!


  1. I wish I did have a magic dance! We finally got 1/2 inch of much needed rain after several weeks without. I know how you feel about that.

    Congrats on being so close to finishing school.
    I admire that very much.


  2. In Ohio you are almost guaranteed rain if you plain an outdoor event, especially if it involves tents of any type.