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October 24, 2010

Happy Sunday!

I have had a great time today catching up on all the blogs I follow. You all inspire me so much with your cooking, farm activities, animal husbandry, and just life in general and how you manage it all.

All is well on the farm, animals are happy and healthy and the garden is growing like crazy.
The kids are so busy these days with work, friends and activities! It is a challenge to keep up and spend time together on the weekends. (I think the homemade ice cream I made may work to my favor this evening!)

Lately life has been a constant balancing act between needing to travel and wanting to be home. The special reward this morning was quiet time on the back porch before heading out to feed the animals. I jotted this down:

Observe. Morning sunlight streams across the farm. A barn cat basks. Cardinals shift in flight at the feeder. Cow bell chimes in the distance as she grazes through tall summer grasses. Dew drops cling to garden leaves. A pig crunches acorns. Coffee aroma. Rich, overwhelming peace.

I wish you all peace this week, and many special moments!


  1. You said that very well! We all need to take time to savor the wonderful moments of great peace and contentment.

    The roses are spectacular.