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October 11, 2010

A few more pics

Lantana bloom


Yesterday was extremely productive here, we got 130 bales of hay put in (165 total now), Josh and his friend Victor were a tremendous help.
Melissa picked up one of her cows that is due to calve soon and she brought me Spottie the GOS! Very sweet and curious pig so far, she "talks" too. (and is driving Cooper nutty). She does have brown stains from where she made herself "as happy as a pig in sh**"! That was literally the first thing she did--find something to roll in!
I also cleaned out/weeded/edged all the beds in the backyard, I can now appreciate how ratty it was looking, and have taken stock of what plants need to be replaced (more Knock-out roses).
A very busy, productive weekend and I hurt in places I haven't in a long time, add to that the blisters and sciatica and I am thankful for every bit!!!

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