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October 1, 2010

Happy Friday!

Ok, so it is late-ish on Friday. The weather here in SE TX has been absolutely the best it ever gets--highs around 80 most days this week and lows in the 50-60 range. We actually turn off the air at night and most of the day now! A little crispness to the air and less humidity....all this adds up to FALL! It really is here! Wow, it just feels so refreshing.

Besides the weather, all is well. Ginger is used to her routine (go stand in stanchion and don't flinch when they close the head catch, don't flinch when being brushed and eat like a pig!). She will definitely be a back pocket cow someday. She still has a flight zone in the pasture when she is approached, but it is noticeably smaller.

Work was work-ish and a little intense this week. Not so much on the travel, just mental angst and stress. Next week I will be in FL for one day then the next day go to Atlanta for 3 nights. All the Nurses are getting together to brainstorm, strategize and well, be together for a few days. I am looking forward to that trip, there are 5 of us and it should be a lot of fun and pretty productive too.

Only half of the beans I planted came up this week so I replanted that side of the bed with shell peas. Claire posted a pic of some on her blog and they look so great, I hope ours do that well.

Next week the kids have Homecoming, woohoo!

The weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend so my goal is to get my homework done early and not be indoors writing a paper the whole time!

Have a great weekend!

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