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October 9, 2010

Gorgeous weather

Much of this week I spent in Atlanta with the nurses at strategy meetings (pic above: Vanessa, Kathleen and Marty). The weather there was gorgeous! 40 at night with a high of 80, very little humidity--very nice! The only down side is Dave said the weather was identical at home, and I wasn't there to enjoy it. It has been warmer since I got home on Friday, but still very nice.

I spent the day today cleaning out and organizing the tack room. Very productive. Max and Cooper thought they were helping but really it looked like chasing of cats and carpenter bees. Max is one of my favorite subjects to photograph, and he is usually pretty close to me.

I took off Ginger's halter and gave her a bell, she did not seem to mind at all. I am looking forward to the day when her horns come off and the attitude adjustment that comes with it. She knows she has them and has lowered her head at me several times. And then she sulks when I stomp my foot and tell her BAD GIRL!

The garden beds are thriving, the tomatoes are blooming! The lettuce and herbs look and taste delicious. The carrots and peas have not come up yet. I think I will have to look for some onion sets and broccoli plants, the seedlings did not germinate.
We lost 3 hens and a duck to a predator, most likely a raccoon. We found a spot in the netting that was torn open. Since then we have been closing the hens in at night. Yesterday when I went out to shut the door I noticed it had raccoon prints on it!(pic above) The nerve! I set the trap tonight and will see what we have in the morning.

While visiting a friend today she offered me her Gloucestershire Old Spot pig (gilt). She is friendly, healthy, and cute! Spot will be coming tomorrow if all goes well. This is a very hardy heritage breed that is on the list of dwindling numbers. I hope we can breed her (AI) and not have to eat her. I did not get any pics yet, but I will. ;-)

Dave is in LA at Steph and Emile's camp hunting, for what I am not sure since teal and alligator seasons are over. I have no doubt they are having great fun no matter what they find to do!

The spider lilies are blooming! It is cheerful to see bright red clusters popping up in yards all over the neighborhood. (pic at top)


  1. I am so, so jealous you are getting a Glouchestershire Old Spot! If I ever get pigs and breed them that is the breed I really, really, really want.

  2. Those pesky raccoons! The nerve, indeed!

  3. Tomatoes blooming?? Argh--I need to move back down south!! ;-)